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Polling Results

Thanks to all who came out to view the exhibtion on November 7th and for participating in the poll!  

Click each image to see the results! 

*note: 44 people

participated in this poll.

***Special thanks to the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council A.O.G.!


NATURE BODY CONNECT was an interactive exhibition, which took place on November 7th, 2014 at the Artists in Mission Gallery in Pittsburgh. Viewers were invited to participate in a poll which prompted them to choose if they thought each image was something from nature/the natural world or the human body. At the end of the exhibition, they received 'answer' cards which revealed the origin of each piece. The results of the poll were then calculated based on each viewer's choice.

Overall, we hope that this exhibition helped to enhance viewers' appreciation of the beautiful relationship and strong connection between the Earth/natural world and the human body. 




Artist’s Statement 

With the advances in research and increased understanding of how the human body reacts with the environment and the Earth, the medicinal and nutritional qualities of whole plant-based food and clean water in relation to sustaining health, and the physiological and psychological benefits of being around and interacting with nature; the awareness of the symbiotic connection between human beings and our environment is becoming increasingly evident. This unique exhibition explores the visual and in some cases biological similarities between the natural world, the environment, and the human body. 


This conceptual body of work features digital art and photography mediums. Nature Body Connect was created in collaboration with Acupuncturist, Nicole Olsen of Positive Life Acupuncture, in New York, whose hand-on knowledge about the human body has been invaluable to the development of many of my pieces. This unique exhibition invited the viewer to consider if the featured works are images of nature/the natural world or images of the human body and to consider what the ambiguity about the origin of these works might mean. 



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