Digital Art 

The "Nature Body Connect" Series 

This collection explores the concept that there are numerous connections between nature and the human body. Similarities exist both visually and in some cases, biologically between the natural world, all living things, and the body. 






































Farm Series (Photography)

Many of the images in this series were exhibited at the "Loving Your Mother: Farming as if the Earth Matters" photography exhibition at the Annual Conference of the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture. Most of the images were taken on a farm located in Western Pennsylvania and aim to capture the process of making yarn and the natural beauty of farm life. 

Traditional Art (Painting, Mixed Media, Drawing & Sculpture) 



Beach, Beach Cards & Natural World

The images in this collection focus on the natural beauty and simplicity of the coastal environment and environment in general.

Graphic Design (Print, Book, Web) & Illustration



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Spinning Wheels

Digital Photography